About Bannerton Solar Farm

Bannerton Solar Project is a 110MW site near Robinvale, Victoria.

The site covers 192 ha and will be constructed using some 319,406 solar panels. The project has a peak generating capacity of 110MW (DC), reducing greenhouse gases by 94,600 tonnes per annum (CO2 equivalent), generating enough clean electricity to power around 30,000 homes and contributing to Victoria’s renewable energy agenda. The project reduces reliance in the area on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy generation methods.

The Bannerton project was successful in the tender to provide clean power to the Melbourne Tram network, supporting Victoria State’s target of 40% renewable energy by 2025.

The Project will receive regulatory support in the form of Large-Scale Generation Certificates (“LGCs”) under the Renewable Energy Target regulatory framework. The Project benefits from a 10 year contract with the Victorian Government for the sale of a proportion of the LGCs produced and a 17 year fixed-price PPA with Alinta Energy, an Australian retailer, for a proportion of the electricity generated. In addition, the Project will benefit from an Australian Dollar denominated debt facility provided by the CEFC during the construction and operational phase.

The site is owned by Foresight Solar Fund Limited, a UK-listed infrastructure fund managed by Foresight Group, KDB Infrastructure Investments Asset Management Co. Ltd and Hanwha Energy Corporation.

Bannerton Solar Park Grant

To celebrate the development of the new solar park in Bannerton ("Bannerton Solar Park"), we are providing grants of up to $5,000 to suitably qualified local community groups and organisations. Through this contribution, we strive to enhance quality of life and promote well-being as well as foster a vibrant, multicultural and sustainable community. Types of projects we are looking to fund include, but are not limited to:

  • Education, including skills training and leadership development
  • Engagement, including mentoring and juvenile justice programs
  • Employment, including work experience and job readiness training
  • Independent living, including addressing social exclusion and homelessness
  • Indigenous groups, including indigenous languages and art programs
  • Local sporting clubs and organisations
  • Environmental, including heritage and wildlife
  • Community benefit

Funding will only be provided to organisations which:

  • Are incorporated (If your group is not incorporated, you will need an auspicing body)
  • Are non-for-profit
  • Are not government departments (government departments can be auspicing bodies)
  • Are based in the Robinvale region and/or provide benefits to the residents of the Robinvale region
  • Operate for the benefit of the community

All successful organisations must ensure adequate legal and insurance requirements are met eg. Public Liability insurance coverage.

The nomination period of the Bannerton Solar Park Grant will run from Friday 2 March to Saturday 31 March 2018 and recipients will be announced early May 2018.

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Bannerton Solar Farm

Location Bannerton
MW 110
Type Ground Mounted
in Construction